Power. Heat. Food.

So, I live in Connecticut – USA. The recent storm took out about 200% of our power grid, because our power company didn’t learn shit after Irene. Just when I’m getting over this grief thing, with the death of my wife, and wanting to get back in game and blow up some ships or lose a few of mine – we lose power. Which means I lose heat. The kids are ok, with their father (I am a stepdad; an awesome one, at that), and I am staying at a hotel with someone from the “old days” that newly walked into my life.


2 responses to “Power. Heat. Food.

  1. From one garbage man to another.


  2. I hope that you have some power to pewpew stuff. Keep your chin up though. Thinking of you as you make your way through the hardships. Always read your blog, keep up the good work.

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