The Markets, Prices, and Thinking Like a Buyer

GamerChick42 has a great article on some ideas behind the psychology of the EVE Market and a few tips on how to think when selling items. My current experience with the markets is small, simple, and sometimes I think too much. I’ve started a spreadsheet of sales, profits, etc. Grown bored with that. Started to look up price differences and donchian channels and while I enjoy those – sometimes I just don’t feel like the work.

But her article has sort of rekindled those thoughts in me and it underscores one of the things I love about this game. If I want to buff up my market skills, I can. No rerolling because I want to supplement.

If anyone has any thoughts on what types of items typically go often, or for large deltas, feel free to let me know. Don’t care to know any “sekretz” but am just curious. Ammo? Ships? Riggings?


4 responses to “The Markets, Prices, and Thinking Like a Buyer

  1. Ahh..the age old question of what to sell.
    Honestly, what sells well depends on where you are trading, when you are trading, etc.
    And, there are other ways to maximize profits other than just looking for large deltas.=)

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      Thanks! Yeah, the trial and error will eventually grow my experience and then things will filter into a niche for me. Though, I think I will always enjoy stealing mission objectives and then selling them. But, that’s just me supplemental “income”. :P

  2. Regional trading of common fittings is a relatively low maintenance trading activity with above average margins when you pick the right items and region(s) – Do your own thinking as to what they might be.

    Sell as it comes in or stockpile for weeks before butt fucking the market with your cut rate goods. If you look close enough you can see the tears as market retards drop their stack prices to compete :)

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