Mean Streak Contest Winner

Congratulations go to the Mean Streak contest winner, Ulik Kahn! Great job!

I hung around Hek last night, in my hurricane, named Gloria. Plotted another low-sec run around that loop, just on the lower end of the map. It started off bland, as if everyone was just passing through. No miners, no activity, nobody chasing me. Hell, this ship cannot even cloak. Just warp from safe to safe, keeping aligned, while I scan. It’s actually great practice for that sort of thing. Less signatures in the system seem to be letting me focus on getting a warpable result.

In one of the systems, I was able to pin down a POS. Warping to it at 100, to take a look, showed it was online and fully of tasty goodies. I hung out there too long, and ended up warping off with my ship at 80% armor. No big deal. I’m docked for the night in a high-sec system, and will head back out for more safe gathering, fun, and whatnot later tonight.

That said, that POS is actively recruiting. I may see if I can get my alt out of the corp I stole from a while ago, and join this one with the POS. Only catch: they request the API key and a screenshot of your character selection screen. Ha. Not going to happen. If anyone wants to infiltrate it with a clean account, send me an ingame mail, and I’ll hook you up. You can even pay me if you want. :P

So, last night’s lesson learned: at 100km, a POS will still shoot at you. It stinks. But not before you can spend a few minutes taking inventory/screenshots.


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