Low-sec roam

So, tonight after stripping everything, I fit up a Myrmidon. I figured it was not going to allow me to warp-cloaked, but I could fit an improved cloaker on it at least.

I fit up the Myrmidon, renamed it from “Stripped” to “Cargo Container” and decided to head out toward Hek. Having recently read a nice article on a low-sec run around that area, I decided to give it a shot.

No kills, no fights, but I did scare off a few people and managed to make a lot of bookmarks/safes. Which I am going to assume is a good thing while roaming around random low-sec systems, no?

Either way, I’m going to go ratting with this fit and see how well I deal with the guns, etc. Maybe flip a few cans with it, and whatnot. I’ll shuttle up later and head back to Dodixie to grab another ship. This time, probably the hound or refit something to scan with while in low-sec. I could have found a few POS’s if I had a scanner…


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