I needed to make new undocks anyway…

But, didn’t think I would have to do it while dodging a Thanatos. I was chasing a Kestrel around the system of Seyllin, in my hound. It was a good way to practice sneaking up on someone.

As I entered the system, I saw him warp away from the gate to a belt. I warped, cloaked, to the belt at 100km out. He was ratting. Nice. In a kestrel. Something said this was bait, for me, to hurt myself on.

I bookmarked one of his rat wrecks and warped away to the nearest belt. Turned around and warped back to that wreck. My first mistake. He was onto another rat and out of warp-scram range. Just *slightly*, and as soon as I arrived, I popped out of cloak. I expected to, but hoped the rat would last long enough so I would still be near the Kestrel.

He warped away to a gate, I followed. As I arrived, he warped to a station, to dock. I did too.

Now, there are 8 people in system. And wouldn’t you have it, right on the station undock is a Thanatos, with another player’s wreck right next to him.

I’ll be in station for a little bit. I’m not in any hurry. Time to play some minecraft. ;) Patience.


4 responses to “I needed to make new undocks anyway…

  1. Erm .. Thanatos on the undock? You should be able to warp before he locks you.

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      Indeed. Though, I wasn’t going to chance him bringing friends nearby. Then again, my priority had changed by that point to the open convo with the person I was chasing. I’m enjoying the roam or two I’ve had recently, through low sec/wh space.

  2. Make use of session change mechanics in this kind of situation. When you undock, if you do not do ANYTHING (besides stop your ship), you will be invulnerable for the length of your session change timer. Nothing will be able to lock you, area of effect weapons will not deal damage. If you don’t do anything (IE just let your ship drift forward), nothing can bump you away either, you will just coast through anything in your way. Note that attempting to redock will end that invulnerability period.

    In a Hound, you will probably be moving around 300 m/s (without any mods/rigs to change your base speed). This means that under session change, you will move 9km before your invulnerability expires. If a station’s undocking ring is 7km or less, you could undock, let your ship move forward for the length of your session change timer, and then cloak up. As long as nobody around the station is smart enough to keep within 2km of you, you can easily escape.

    Alternatively, you can do what I do with industrials in nullsec to move when cloaky hostiles are in system: Stop your ship immediately on the undock. Wait your session change out. Then align and warp to your destination. If anything decloaks or looks aggressive, you can simply dock back up once your session change timer is up. The one vulnerability to this strategy is being bumped out of the undock ring.

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