A little venture into low-sec

I purchased a Dramiel last night, just on a whim. Yes, I read a recent post by a well known blog and thought – “hey, it’s just money. I’ll try it.”

I knew of a great spot, too. A short string of two low-sec systems, bordered by each other and surrounded by high-sec that was close to Dodixie. I also happen to have some planets in that system, mining various bits of crap for me. When I remember to reset the crap. Those union workers down there must be bored. Anyway.

So I fit it up with some nice stuff I had stolen over the months, and decided to head toward those systems. It’s a good looking ship, if a bit bendy for my tastes.

It’s fast as hell, too!

So I started at system 1 and just tooled around a bit, practicing with the scanner. The two others in the system were probably in the station, and at one POS there was a Badger MKII hanging out. With no probes, I didn’t really care to find it. This ship couldn’t probe, since I fit its 3 high slots with two turrets and 1 rocket launcher.

Not finding the two others in local, or even knowing what they were flying – I knew they were in the station. So I warped to the second system in the string. There was nobody there, but also no stations. So I picked a couple of the bigger collections of belts and made “watch” bookmarks. I returned to the first system and started the same thing with the belts there.

I decided I needed to make an undock bookmark on the station, too. So I warped to it, docked, and saw the two locals in the system, just waiting there for me in the station, too. I undocked right away, and naturally one of them undocked with me. He was in a hurricane and when I started to burn away from the station, hoping he’d attack; he did. I continued to burn away.

Naturally, I was a little concerned that I couldn’t take the cane out. I didn’t want to fight near the station. So I warped off toward a gate, and in local he says, “Fool.” Of course, I replied and said that I was making bookmarks and he was welcome to follow me. He tried hunting me down a bit – couldn’t find me. Good to know, about that fellow.

I returned toward Dodixie, having gathered some knowledge, and hit up a belt in a nearby system. There was a hulk jetcanning with his T2 drones nearby. So I burned toward the can while he targeted me. Having stolen from him, he decided to attack with the drones. I burned away from him so I could get a good low transversal on his drones. They started to pop a few at a time, and I was getting down in to structure. I warped off to the station to repair and he followed, asking in local, “Want to try that again?”

“Of course,” I said.

Before I left that belt, I bookmarked his nearly full jetcan. Returning to it before he did, I was able to pop it along with my stolen can. So, worse comes to worse, I at least cost that douche a few minutes of mining time. He returned in an Ishtar and sent the drones onto me, as well as the warp scrambler.

Again, I got some practice blowing up his drones, but I couldn’t warp away. Aligning to a nearby belt, I still couldn’t warp. I was getting down into low armor.

My drones, however, were ECM drones. Just as I started to have my structure melt away, fire coming from my tail end, the drones either removed his lock on me, or I was out of scram range – and I warped off. So I didn’t get a kill, but I got some fun experience in lowsec and “attacking things bigger than me” PVP.”

Overall, I had a good hour or so.


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