Incarna…. stuff.

Firstly, I have to say that there is a fantastic review of most of the goings-on about this recent release, over at My Loot, Your Tears, by Khalia Nestune. Please visit that to get a summary of what the biggest concerns have been.

For me, really, it’s not been too big a deal. If MicroTransaction things come out and make the game easier for people – really, I could care less. I’m still going to piss them off, steal from them (and probably easier now that they don’t have some of the “real” experience of PVP) the same ways.

I mean, it dumbs down the game, turns it into WoWInSpace, but that’s about it for me so far. Granted, I’ve only been really committed to this game as my “only” MMO for about 18 months. Not the years upon years that others have been.

However, I do very much enjoy the conversations, yelling, fighting, screaming, and overall – communication, that seems to be starting between the biggest portion of the playerbase and the devs. Even if they are just towing the company line. That’s a shit move, but I like knowing that the community out there is actually following along with this game. They are not sheep and you can’t pull one over on them/us.


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