Here, look, take some salvage

Because I really care about this corporation, its growth, and future.

Ok, really I do not. But, you see, our ninjas are involved in a few war-decs lately. While I enjoy them, I just can’t seem to get any kills in recent days. That, and I’m back from a trip away with work. So I’m just catching up. In fact, I think I’ve forgotten my planets for a few days.

I did, however, spend a bit of time today with the infiltrated corporation. Like the subject line says, I gave the corp hangar a bunch of stolen loot and salvage, as if I was running my own missions. Checking up on my leads, the size of the corp hangar (it keeps growing, but I don’t have access to all of it lately), and sent out a few fishing lines. One of which was the old, “I’m new to missioning and need a bigger ship…” line. Lets see if I get a bite.


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