The weekend is here… almost.

And, I need it. In real-life land, last night was a day with two fires. A boat and a house. Not much to say there – got to bed at 3am. This weekend, I will be away, but plan on returning to find out about and read all the details on the juicy tears my ninjas have gathered over that couple of days.

PI stuff has been gaining speed again, as I tinker here and there with that.

When I return on Sunday, I’m going to fit the hurricane, name it Gloria and stuff it into the ocra and get the hell out of dodge, into an area I’ve never been. Most of us are hanging out within a few jumps of Agral lately, but I want to see if I can find some new/different kills. I do that sometimes. It’s why I’m so happy I have that orca. Thanks again to the donation, you know who you are!

I think I gathered some tears earlier in the week, but my brain is fried. I’ve got code to write, and a relaxing weekend to have.

Update on the infiltration alt: he’s roasting nicely in the oven that is this newly formed corp… ;)

Fly safe!


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