Self destruct, for 25 million

While I have very little experience killing Drakes, solo or in groups, I feel the “win” in this failed killmail was not only the ransom, but the self destruct. This scan was just the first of a few of them; however, the length of time I spent at this drake meant the other scans were empty of mission runners by the time I arrived at them.

No worries. The tears from this chat with Tyler Aurilen are plenty, for the night. Not to mention the 25 million ISK ransoms. Just under the price of a new Drake, and I felt I got out of him about the most I could. (An interesting aspect of ransoms. If I were to ask too much, and then “barter”, I feel I lose credibility overall.) Funny thing was, while I said I had a bunch of ammo (I did), I couldn’t break down his shields.

He wasn’t going to die to my guns. It was all the chat, and the arrival of the Ninjas to the scene that helped him blow up his own ship, I think. The ninjas arrived and started filling up his overview with all sorts of extra targets, though he wasn’t shooting, I am certain the appearance, “suddenly” of a bunch of us, helped.

It’s what we do.

[01:44:22] Gilbert Hamilton > sir, you shot at me first.
[01:44:35] Tyler Aurilen > you nija my shit
[01:44:45] Gilbert Hamilton > it was my loot to take. sorry.
[01:44:45] Tyler Aurilen > i shot when you went red
[01:44:59] Gilbert Hamilton > I have plenty of ammo, time, and web. cap stable. are you in this for the duration, or what?
[01:45:11] Tyler Aurilen > what u want
[01:45:32] Gilbert Hamilton > I would be happy to leave, and assign to you a permit to leave objects in space for 24 hours for a fee of 25,000,000
[01:46:13] Tyler Aurilen > ok stop shootin and ill send it to you
[01:46:22] Gilbert Hamilton > 15 seconds
[01:46:39] Gilbert Hamilton > ten
[01:47:02] Gilbert Hamilton > that was only 25,000. please send 25,000,000
[01:47:49] Tyler Aurilen > ok fine i will put a flag on you and that was 25mill
[01:48:10] Gilbert Hamilton > flag?
[01:49:27] Gilbert Hamilton > if you eject your ship, I will leave you and your ship and pod alone.
[01:49:46] Tyler Aurilen > how can i trust u
[01:49:57] Gilbert Hamilton > let me jet my ammo.
[01:50:15] Gilbert Hamilton > the rest is in my guns.
[01:50:38] Tyler Aurilen > ok when yor 200 shots are up maby
[01:50:44] Gilbert Hamilton > one gun left.
[01:50:57] Gilbert Hamilton > there we go
[01:51:19] Tyler Aurilen > why ejeckt ill leave if thats what u want
[01:51:23] Gilbert Hamilton > yes
[01:51:51] Gilbert Hamilton > no, eject then I know i can trust you I mean
[01:52:22] Gilbert Hamilton > you don’t have to leave.
[01:52:39] Gilbert Hamilton > just eject and I will refund your 25,000 and assign contract to you for leaving cans out into space.
[01:52:54] Gilbert Hamilton > 15 secons.
[01:52:57] Gilbert Hamilton > seconds*
[01:53:12] Gilbert Hamilton > ten
[01:53:26] Gilbert Hamilton > taking my ammo back.
[01:54:30] Tyler Aurilen > self destruct
[01:54:53] Gilbert Hamilton > how much longer?
[01:55:11] Tyler Aurilen > sec
[01:55:18] Tyler Aurilen > 29sec
[01:55:57] Gilbert Hamilton > thanks. :)


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