Holy crap.  I spent last night mining.  On my infiltration alt, however.  It’s not like I didn’t play Black Ops on the xbox while watching for rats, though.

You see, the way I figure it – either the alt gains trust as the corporation builds and I steal in the end (or take over via shares) – or I end up with a nice buffer corporation to pad me from the last few corporations I’ve pissed off.  It’s just good for the resume, if you will.

I am wishing, though, that we could train more than one skill queue on a given account, as active, at the same time.  The alt cannot fly a Hulk, which is something I want to make those “new corp CEOs” see, so they can feel more comfortable with me.

Eventually, this character will have too many corporations under its belt, and I will resort to podding people in funky ships and running from CONCORD.  When his sec status gets too low and I stop enjoying being on the lam, I’ll delete him and start fresh with “omg EVE is huge, help me new corp!”

This particular corporation has made one major mistake already – given everyone the ability to accept new membership applications.  Which means, for the corp, that a lot of dummies will be in.  It says that his focus is on quantity vs quality.  Sort of a bird-shot thing, I am guessing.  That said, it also means I likely have competition on the thief front.

I always enjoy a social-engineering challenge.


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