I didn’t even finish scanning

When I arrived at the Hyperion running his mission, finishing up the final few rats, I hoped I would have fun. After looting, he sends his Warrior II drones off to my Vigil. I warp off after making sure he was red to me. Returning in my Hound, knowing the warp-in is a good 50km from him. Not going to do good there with the Jaguar being eaten by those drones.

I figured I would be able to kite the drones, should he send them at the hound. I was right. I let him target me, send the drones, and then blew a few of them up as I dragged them out of his range. They started to return to him, but he warped off and left the drones. Poor drones. I dispatched them all. He returned again, and shot me a bit with his railguns, and then warped off for a final time.

I cloaked and told him, in local, he could return because I was done with him. I was hanging out near the warp-in spot, hoping to be under range of his long guns should he return. He never did. In fact, I found that he had banned me when I tried to open a conversation with him. I never got the kill, but I did enjoy killing his final mission rat for him. Nice to see the Hound take damage from rats, too. It was a $1,000,000 rat, so that was nice. Though I won’t get the bounty, however. Just a good gauge of ship strength/skill since I hardly ever take ships into a mission.

Silent tears are awesome tears.


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