Weekend Fun

Memorial Day weekend was fun – I did the expected family stuff and rested a lot. Then, spent some time with my Ninjas. I ended up getting involved in a fleet op *just* a little bit too late. In fact, I was able to convince the Dominix pilot to shoot me (seriously: via chat) but just as he did, he already had died. So I couldn’t sneak my way into the mail. I didn’t have mumble, so I couldn’t keep up with much of the details so I cut that short.

The alt is in another corp. A new, fresh corp. Which is good and bad. On the infiltration things – it’s bad because there is nothing there for me to steal yet. But on a good note, if I behave and just leave because “real life is keeping me away, etc.” or something on a good note, it’s a good reference for the next guy should I say I don’t agree to an API check and give references instead.

The night ended with a lesson for a newbie: *never* ignore the “don’t steal this” warning.


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