And the evening ends with…

Someone in local complaining about a pirate in his mission. Wanting to pay 10Mil for his pod.

I said, “I’ll do it,” before I even saw that the pirate was a fellow corp mate.

My intent was to go with the pirate and just piss the MR off. But it got better. I got the MR to invite me to a fleet, and when I arrived, I was something like 50k away from them. I told the MR I would return in a better ship and it was ok to grab that jet can from that nasty dirty pirate.

So by the time I returned, the pirate was red to the MR and the MR was red to the pirate. I left fleet, and a few seconds later, the MR had corp aggro.

While I enjoyed the nice Domi kill – and it was nice to work with a fellow Ninja, I felt I didn’t do my part very well. I spent time painting the target, and killing the drones. But it was almost going to end bad. When the fellow ninja swapped out for a cane, and he went into structure – but the MR was going down faster through structure too.

So I kept focus on the drones, and hoped I could pop a few of them off and lower the DPS on the cane. It started to work, and boom went the Domi.


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