Lost the wolf

I lost the wolf to a Caldari Navy Hookbill tonight. Which not only was fun, but kind of gives me hope for what I thought was a shitty ship. He wouldn’t give me the fitting, though, but that’s ok. Thermal wasn’t doing shit, so he could have probably fit it with resists and whatnot – eg: paying attention.

I had fun, though. Convo after was polite, too.

Lesson learned: The wolf can circle close, but so can the CN Hookbill. And the “friend” helping a MR who is obviously PVP fit will kill me. (That’s the point, no?!)

He was able to gain aggro because I politely jettisoned some ammo to help the process along. ;)


2 responses to “Lost the wolf

  1. Wolf arent really solo boats, too slow, if you wanna solo go for a jaguar.
    Wolfs are nice fleet ships tho, the DPS on those fuckers is intense i have a shield tanked fleet wolf that can put out aroun 300-400 dps.

    The hookbill may have got you webbed and have a decent tank.
    I love the wolf all the guns on it is awesome!

  2. Gilbert Hamilton

    Yeah, the wolf was fun – and it’s certainly something I will bring to a fleet battle to zip around with. It’s like my Tristan – which I actually enjoy – because it’s tiny and nimble.

    I’m actually tinkering around with a stabber at the moment. Seeing where that goes. It’s a good looking ship, imho.

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