Don’t steal, please…

Hot tip – if someone asks you to purchase a license for the ability to jettison goods into a cargo-container (unsecure container), they are lying. Also, if you do play along from a role-play standpoint – ask them to abandon the new can, and don’t steal from it.

[18:05:15] Gilbert Hamilton good afternoon, sir
[18:05:32] prokchowmein howdy mate…
[18:05:56] Gilbert Hamilton I wanted to inform you – I have confiscated the ore you have mined into unlicensed “jetcans”
[18:06:06] Gilbert Hamilton Along with the abandoned drones, Vespa X2 and Hob X1
[18:06:10] prokchowmein why is that?
[18:06:13] Gilbert Hamilton Please do not litter our spacelanes.
[18:06:27] Gilbert Hamilton Litter, along with other reasons related to ship dents, paint jobs, things like that.
[18:06:34] Gilbert Hamilton Basic spaceway travel concerns.
[18:06:47] Gilbert Hamilton If you would like to obtain license to unlock the ore, please inform me as such.
[18:06:56] prokchowmein seriously…
[18:07:00] Gilbert Hamilton Yes, sir.
[18:07:24] prokchowmein well, please unlock it then
[18:07:55] Gilbert Hamilton I will. The fee for unlocking this ore (with the *added* bonus of unlimited jet-can licensure for the duration of the license (2 months)) is 500,000 ISK.
[18:08:15] Gilbert Hamilton You can send this ISK by right clicking my name, and using the “give money” option.
[18:08:34] prokchowmein fine, unlock it and I will transfer the money
[18:08:40] Gilbert Hamilton It is unlocked, sir.
[18:09:15] Gilbert Hamilton Authorization has been given, #22132.a (“a” is your first license. Congratulations.)
[18:09:30] Gilbert Hamilton Please transfer money within 1 minute, or I will be forced due to regulations to lock the container or destroy it.
[18:09:43] Gilbert Hamilton Disregard the warning – I need the money first.
[18:09:59] Gilbert Hamilton 30 seconds, sir
[18:10:07] Gilbert Hamilton wonderful news.
[18:10:09] Gilbert Hamilton thank you and enjoy.

Naturally, I blew him up right after he returned for the ore in his Iteron. In short, it made for a good “something to do” while I was reading the great new issue of EON magazine, and making my way with my wolf, back to my orca.


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