From there to here and back

While playing a bunch of Minecraft this weekend, I managed to perform some character maintenance.  Such as PI updates, retreival, and I think a new hobby.

That is, hauling things from Jita to Dod and the other way around, that sell for more in the destination than they are purchased for in the source.

EG, using to play on the markets a bit.  Daytrading at skill 2 or 3, helps, too.  Letting me get a few mission runner missions cleaned up while I monitor the markets.  Sure, it’s not passive income, really, but when the corp is not at war, it’s something to do while I play minecraft in another window…

I’m kind of already in vacation mode.  Both in game and at work.  So forgive me if the next few…nevermind.  It’s my blog.  No forgiveness.  ;)

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