Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was nifty. Not only did I get to relax a lot in real life, I did some “relaxing” character maintenance, too. The war-dec was over, and the next one hasn’t started yet.

So, I took that opportunity to venture into low-sec and retrieve my PI materials and throw them up on the market. I have two planets in low sec and two in high sec. I’m going to move those into low sec, and probably spread out the material production a little bit. Currently my bulk is Oxygen and some other goo.

I think I managed one kill this weekend, which I think I spoke of previously.

Other than that, assets were moved, contracts made, and various other things caught up on.  I am going to take the trusty orca off to a new system around Dod’s area and try to keep it 1 jump away from low sec.  I want to make more roams into low sec with a cloaky rifter, or something of that nature.

The clone is fully up to date and I can easily afford the implants again.  So… here goes nothin’.  I need the pvp experience.


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