screw low sec

I started the day learning that there were fresh war targets in Jita and the area. I was a good 20+ jumps away, but really wanted to get in on this one. I figured I would take the Tristan and said “screw it”, and went through low sec. That cut about 10 jumps off of the trip, and I even got chased while in the four or five low sec jumps. Good times.

Jita was a bust, and I took those same low sec jumps to get back “home” to Illinfrik, logged for a while, then logged back in this evening. Call me lazy or just, well, lazy – but I wasn’t getting any hits on the scanner so I started can flipping.

I took the trusty awesome and super cool ninja Orca over to Balginia.

First belt in Balginia and the Retriever owned by Cryptz became owned by me. That said, I opened a conversation with him, farming tears, and he said he was going to blow me up and I should wait. I waited. Nothing happened, but I did notice he had a Typhoon on d-scan. Named “Cryptz’s Typhoon”. The good thing that I did enjoy about the Retriever kill was that he sent drones my way, after I stole from him. I was able to stop killing him, to focus on the drones, realize he was into structure anyway, and realize I enjoy collecting stolen drones… so that’s how that went.

The timer wore off, and so I started back to the station. I undocked a few seconds later, to head back to the ore – and noticed a *new* red, alongside the Typhoon owned by Cryptz. I locked this new red, blew him up, and in the process – I noticed Cryptz had his drones out and “waiting” or something silly. I locked him, hoping he would auto lock me. It worked. While I was shooting the Mammoth, the Typhoon sent its drones to attack me. (misclick? who cares.) Concord was involved, since he was now a criminal. I fired one volley at the Typhoon and made it onto the kill mail from Concord. I then went back to blowing up the Mammoth.

Later, the pilot of the Mammoth said in local chat, “That was awesome.” We chatted for a while and I told him, “That’s how we roll in Suddenly Ninjas. Good times.” No tears from him, but it was a good conversation with a “newbie”. I promised him (in local chat so Cryptz would hear) that he could have Cryptz’s ore. Cryptz opened a conversation with me and said, “Thanks for the ore back.”

I was a system away and hoped he’d be stupid enough to steal it back again. He didn’t. Wasn’t even in Bal. So I blew the containers up when I realized that the Mammoth pilot didn’t want it anyway.

It was a good 45 mins or so of play time, tonight.


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