PI Stuff

So, I thought about it a bit – destroyed my lowest performing high-sec planet setup, and moved it to low-sec. Just 0.4, and I figured I’d get ganked on the way, etc. I fitted the Iteron with a cloaky, and think I can use that to pickup the mins.

In high sec I was averaging roughly 150k per day in quantity of raw materials gathered. In 0.4, I’m getting well over 1 million. Which is nice, but it takes 4 processors to keep up with the input of rat materials, and I’ve one extra storage area already full with an expedited transfer. So I guess, rethinking, it takes more than 4 processors.

Anyway, it’s fun in that “no tears today I’ll play farmville” way of thinking – and who knows, if once a week I make a trip in an itty and pickup the goods for market, who cares.


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