Well well well…

I was paid by a 3rd party, double blind, to infiltrate New Haven Enterprises and gather intelligence related to a possible war-declaration coming their way. It’s not the first time I’ve been hired to do this type of work. Which is fine by me, because I’m quite lazy.


I appreciate your efforts to at least partly be honest with me. Preforming recon in my corporation is a little bit entertaining to me, since we are such a very small corporation….. There’s nothing to declare war against. Your employer should have picked a better target for you. Because when all is said and done, as you have seen, only 2 or 3 of us are active, and if war is declared, all we have to do is dock up at Jita and Station trade until the corporation who war decs us gets tired of paying 100 Million a week to keep us war decc’ed. Seems like your employer would be better off selecting a newer corp with more targets, that’s NOT in an Alliance as we are. It would be cheaper.

That being said, I intend to seperate you from New Haven Enterprises under the reasoning that you were not forth right with your intentions in the corporation, and more so because I feel that your preformance as a Recruiting Director has been poor thus far. (Which I understand since your main focus was recon.)

I won’t split hairs on you being a thief, recon, whatever. The bottom line is, you were being paid by me to recruit for this corp, and instead you were gaining intel. You then lied via omission of the truth, even after confronted at first.

All in all, I harbor no bad feelings. I look at it as a case of a failed pirating attempt, and that happens sometimes. I wish you the best of luck in your next pirating venture. Please let your employer know that a war dec on my corporation would do nothing but be a waste of his own time, resources, and money; but if they wish to dec up, tell them go ahead. No big deal.

It’s been interesting speaking with you AltName, Take care.


Lesson learned on his part – please check API keys before letting someone into the corporation. Because not only did I collect a paycheck for a week or two, I really did deliver intel and get paid for it. When he told me he was an investigator in “real life”, I took that as a challenge to get fired in as interesting a way as possible. Also, yeah, the corp hangars were void of anything worth stealing.

As I pad my “resume” with little corps here or there, I’m still happy to report that the total number of corps that have asked me for an API key (and validated it) prior to joining is: 0.

Also, Gilbert has a nicely fit Hound to play with, too…


One response to “Well well well…

  1. \o/ you’ll love the Hound, it’s a very fun ship. If you’re looking for an interesting way to get tears and/or ransom money using it, mail me.

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