3.5 extra, to be exact.

My trusty Orca brought me back to Agral. I wasn’t having any luck getting shot at, so I started to go the route of local-chat banter, and see if I could piss off a few folks, there. On my 2nd or 3rd mission, I found this lovely chap.

[02:39:43] EVE System Channel changed to Agrallarier Local Channel
[03:13:22] Gilbert Hamilton WTS: Internal Force Field Array I Stolen. I’ll take 12 million.
[03:13:48] mechyone ha epeen didnt get crap did you?

Ahh, a bite.

[03:14:06] Gilbert Hamilton no, I got that. that’s 14 million than I expected, since you didn’t shoot me. or take back your stuff.
[03:14:23] mechyone woopee i got all the tags and salvage loser
[03:14:37] Gilbert Hamilton Armor Plates x10
[03:14:42] Gilbert Hamilton Imperial Navy Colonel Insignia I x9
[03:14:44] Gilbert Hamilton …good times.
[03:15:03] Gilbert Hamilton I can contract them off to you if you’d like.
[03:15:06] mechyone my only hope as that life finds a way to treat you the same and you get whats coming to you

Ok, honestly I was hoping he was going to talk about beating me up in real life so I could petition him…

[03:15:11] Gilbert Hamilton just promise not to call me loser again.
[03:15:27] Gilbert Hamilton eve life is fine with me, we get along well.
[03:15:45] mechyone oh im so scared loser
[03:15:53] Gilbert Hamilton ? what’s to be scared of?
[03:16:09] mechyone not you thats for sure
[03:16:32] Gilbert Hamilton of course not, I’m the nice guy here.
[03:16:42] mechyone no your a loser

It’s obvious he’s 12. Time to take it up a notch.

[03:17:05] Gilbert Hamilton I’m sorry, I don’t speak very good english. we was playing a gaem?
[03:17:41] mechyone so you know what loser is continue on loser
[03:18:11] Gilbert Hamilton will do. still you does nut answar me re: that dmg controls. has you want back?
[03:18:49] mechyone i dont need it so do whatever you want i dont buy from losers anyway
[03:19:14] Gilbert Hamilton sounds liek plans then. you can send money to me soon as you leiks.
[03:19:28] Gilbert Hamilton prise is now 9 millions.
[03:20:01] mechyone you are pathetic dude you dont speak english then maybe you should try a game in your own language
[03:20:17] Gilbert Hamilton my own language is gregg shorthand. it’s very hard to tipe heres.

Right now, I warp into another mission that is already being salvaged. The MR convos me, and I tell him he can have it, I’m going to go drink and play Black Ops. He congratulates me on my local-chat banter… PS: Gregg Shorthand rules.

[03:21:24] mechyone so your brain is in slow motion ok that explains your ignorance
[03:21:34] Gilbert Hamilton yes, also my extra chromosomes.
[03:21:46] Gilbert Hamilton three point five extra. you probably have 4.
[03:22:31] mechyone yeah thats why i have to steal from people cause i have less chromos then you
[03:22:46] mechyone oh wait its the other way around
[03:22:50] Gilbert Hamilton what you have more?


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