A shiny new toy

I was approached recently by someone, asking for the status of my orca fund.  I realize that he may not want to be known as having donated, but I promised I would write about it on the blog.   I let him know how much more I had to go toward my goal and my wallet blinked a few seconds later…

So, a) thank you for the help! b) It’s nice to know I have a reader other than myself!

Now, I’ve got to wait for this aggro counter to calm down and then go make the 25 jumps or so, to the place I’ve found to have a low sell order for it.  Then I get to play while I pilot it back to my “home” area, pick all the crap up in Illinfrik, and then head to a new place for iskies and tears.

I remember rule #1, however.



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