Solo roam…

Got me nothing in terms of PVP.  I started my trip in Illinfrik; a place that is becoming filled with more ennui by the day.  I needed to get the hell out, and while I am saving up for that Orca, I figured I would go and see if I could lose my Tristan.

I set the destination to be the system Roniko.  A bit of a high-sec “island” with a few lower sec jumps on the way.  A route in would take me down through Hrondedir and the route out would take me to Auren.  Sort of a teardrop shape, I suppose.

DOTLAN showed me there were a number of ship kills on the way in, at Eifer.  Being a border system, I expected that.  There were a few people on the list in local, and I did see a drake at the gate, right away.  That’s bound to be an issue, or a trick, or a quick screwup, so I ignored him.  I think he chased me but I was off to the next system quicker than he was.

I made it “there and back” with no worries or problems.  It was good practice to start warping to a planet at a random distance (70 or 100km, etc.) and using the d-scan.  I think it was Gusandall where I discovered there were plenty of belts to toy with.  But nobody seemed to be mining.   This is good, I thought.  It will make my low-sec balls a bit bigger.

On the way “home” to Illinfrik, I went through Emolgranian.  Security there was 0.5, so I can rest a bit.

I walked away from my desk, while floating at the Ammold gate.  When I returned, I heard a lot of pew pew.  Turns out there was some war going on, between Dark-Force, Omnipotent Industries, and Lamellar.  Or at least those were the people I stole from.  I was able to make this trip worth it with a few back-forth runs to empty my cargohold and in all I snagged a lot of T2 gear.  Most of which I can’t even use, or won’t.  However, as soon as the timer wears off, I’m headed for the cargo-hauler I call “That’s what she said.” (Hey it looks like a penis.  Whatever.)

Funds from that will go directly to supporting my roaming-salvage-ninja kit.


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