Now that the missions are over

I can get back to business.  Well, not tonight.  Tonight, I played some EOH poker, bought some lottery tickets, and otherwise pissed ISK into areas of the game that are guaranteed to earn me money.  Also, if you believe that, send me ISK and I’ll double it as part of a college paper on bullshit and MMO games.

I’ve got a bit of an issue, however.  Feeling like I’ve got no general “plan” with my skill queue.  Sure, the Orca queue is done, and I can fly that now.  I don’t *own* one, but I can fly one.  Right now, I’m queued up with Medium Hybrid Turret V, and the next few weeks include some blaster specialization, missile projection, and other “stealth bomber” skills.  But I don’t feel really “into” that, for some reason.

I think, tomorrow, I’m going to make way with some stolen goods, stuff it all into the station at Illinfrik, and then head off to low-sec with my Tristan and see how far I can get until I get blown up, and podded.  Maybe if I’m feeling weak, I’ll take a route that involves low->high->low sec jumps, for “safety’s sake” or some crap like that.

I’m looking forward to the Incursion changes on the 18th.  A new character generator, new ways to piss people off, and just a general sense of “new” will hopefully spring some life back into my toon.  Also, I fully plan on supporting him via some planetary interaction, now that it’s hopefully going to be much less of a retarded click-fest.



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