Resolutions and Desires

So, a lot of other people seem to be doing similar things.  For the new EVE year, I’m going to try and focus on a few key ideas or goals, if you will.

  1. Be more awesome.
  2. Buy and fit properly, an Orca.  When the price comes down.  Bonus: have an Orca donated to me. (*wink*)
  3. Get my alt into more corporations.  Fleece them.
  4. Fly low sec more.  Tonight, I may take the Tristan out and see if I can annoy there, with that.  Debating fitting a cloak to it – would have to give up a gun, though.
  5. Enjoy the Hurricane and it’s myriad of gankable fittings.
  6. Mine less.
  7. Gain a stable and resourceful income with the PI changes coming.  Currently, I’ve forgotten the three planets I have live, because I just don’t want to click that damn much.

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