Infiltration Alt

I returned home from a nice holiday weekend/vacation with my family and decided to check on the “bun in the oven” that is my infiltration alt.  He’s done it before, all without an api check.  So I was hoping that I could continue that api-check-less stat and get something from another corporation.

This corporation has been slow and silent at best.  Boasting all sorts of “miner help” (crystals, refining, BPO work, etc) and whatnot is good, except you need to actually communicate to your members.  With that note in hand I was tired of corp chat feeling like the good old days of IRC when everyone was just a bot.

The alt has been in the corp for a couple of months. (I let my characters bake, apparently.) I went on some mining forays and 100% of them were solo.  The biggest interaction I received from the corporation was in the form of two BPCs being contracted to me so I could practice manufacturing.  A process (the contract) that took days, to be honest.  AFK corp is AFK.

The corporation has five offices, three of which contained things in a “corp use” hangar I had full access to.  The other hangars contained things I wanted and with communication and some social engineering, I was on the way to getting access to.  Or, so I thought.  Turns out the CEO was mostly just hoarding things there for his pet project of creating a POS somewhere.   On my return from vacation, I noticed a lot of the items were moved to a “for the market” hangar that I did not have access to, and in the corp use hangar was a lot of salvage and a lot of blueprint copies.

So from the three locations I grabbed what I could, knowing corp changes were coming soon.   I did this when the CEO said he was going afk; and a full 12 hours later he’s sent me a note offering to forgive my transgressions if I return the stuff.  (Which has already been fenced.)  I’ve also received a note from him through the alliance channels stating to not trust me, that when I return the items I will be booted from the corp, and a price will be placed on my head.

I’m hoping I can turn this into a nice wardec, to be honest.  Or, that the price on my head is high enough to be worth splitting the amount with someone.  Then again, maybe I can join another unsuspecting corporation while there is a bounty on my head and with no API check, too.  Ahh, the things the future holds.

Re: Corp Losses
From: My Alt
Sent: 2011.01.03 22:11
To: A DiNozzo, Aiden Mourn, Mike Durant, Richard Durant, Sihrta, Szahraa,


On behalf of Suddenly Ninjas, I would like to take the time to thank Oberon Confederation for their recent donation into our Suddenly Support fund. Not only has the resale of the ore and salvage gone to support an organization of criminals, we also sometimes support the poorer of New Eden with such events as Suddenly Giveaway and Suddenly Trash Collection.

You should note, that API checks for all members are a general “good practice” and often may result in the “outing” of a few within your ranks that have helped or will help with our Suddenly Donation efforts.


My Alt

CC: Aiden Mourn – Suddenly Ninjas CEO

Corp Losses
From: Mike Durant
Sent: 2011.01.03 13:33
To: My Alt,

My Alt, I believe you have alot of stuff that doesnt belong to you, If you give the stuff back I will forget it happened.



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