I was told to run in a pack

I had started the night in Illinfrik just scanning and stealing wrecks. I had made a little bit, and even sold off the “Special Delivery” package I had snagged from a mission runner within the first few minutes. It was going slow, but one MR decided to shoot me with his Hurricane.

I warped away and returned in the Rifter. He was a room ahead now, and when I warped into that room I found him a good 70km off from the warp in point. Ugh. So I burned toward him and found I was doing well, taking some of his damage. Eventually, though, I lost it. He had me webbed and pointed, and I went into structure.

I warped away with 1/3rd structure left. Repaired, returned, and burned toward him again. This time, trying/practicing that trick to keep my transversal up. It helped a bit, and he started to take more damage, but I lost it again and warped off a 2nd time.

At this point he and I convo, and I tell him “grats” and he says if I want to steal and then fight, that I should run in a pack instead. We talked a bit about how that was a good idea, etc.

So I sent out a fleet request and within a few minutes, got a few people together. We noticed he brought friends, and from a spot about 20,000,000 km away, I waited until the Hurricane left the mission.

We all warped into room 1, and saw the cane starting back on scan. Quickly we went to room 2, and hoping he didn’t look at d-scan – we waited for him.

Just as I started to bitch, he warped in and we were all at the warp-in spot. He went boom a few minutes later.

[02:16:47] Gilbert Hamilton you were saying, fly in packs?
[02:16:53] splifferman you guys…..
[02:17:06] splifferman yeah….nice warp scramble……damn….
[02:17:23] Gilbert Hamilton I don’t often fly pack like – but it worked well. Lesson learned.
[02:17:51] splifferman you took my loot and my ship…one…day…your guys are on my list
[02:18:09] Gilbert Hamilton good luck with that.
[02:18:24] Gilbert Hamilton yeah, wait, xmas card list?
[02:18:30] splifferman yeah…well your playing a game…where you have to watch your back
[02:18:57] Gilbert Hamilton I will. Thanks. It’s hard to see sometimes.
[02:18:59] splifferman you guys got into a fight with orther members of our corp too
[02:19:02] Gilbert Hamilton depending on the light.

After that, the fleet traveled a few jumps away and I realized – I needed to sleep for the night. Wish I could have brought more to the party tonight, but I did have fun getting in on a kill. Lessons learned: Need to skill up to fly my own Hurricane. I can fly the ship, but a proper T2 fitting – not quite yet. Transversal increases work well. Changing ammo while attacking is nice, but if all your guns are grouped, that lull stinks.

Here is a nice little shot of his Hurricane going boom.


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