Retriever Down

I managed to down a retriever this afternoon. I packed up an imicus, rifter, tristan, and two vigils (all fully fit) and headed toward Amarr space. In the newbie area of Pansha, I found a retriever jettisoning ore into an unsecure can.

So I stole it, and then put it into my own can. Instead of simply stealing it back, he put his drones onto me. After the first one died, he pulled them back in. I managed to get within scrambler/web range and make a good explosion.

I chased him down a bit, later, too. Returning to the wreck to extend the aggro every 10 minutes or so, and after I had him at 30+ minutes still with the ability to shoot – I spotted him undocking. I had him scrambled, but must have missed the roll for it, because he was able to warp off. I got in a couple shots, and it was a small bestower, but he didn’t pop.

Tried finding the insta warp spot, since he logged off right after that. It’s well known that your ship floats around if you log off, but I couldn’t find it. (It warps off in a random direction, not sure how far, but that’s why when you log back in (after quitting in space) you are in warp toward the spot you were last at.)

I also got called an idiot:

From: Golnnar
Sent: 2010.11.14 21:03
To: Gilbert Hamilton,

have u nothing better to do than try to steal easy kills u dweeb


3 responses to “Retriever Down

  1. Ship allways warps to 999.999km, making it very easy to probe down ;)

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      yeah, maybe I didn’t highlight the mail all the way and cut the last char off… I think it was “dweeb”. I’ve been called worse.

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