Proof I will honor at least 1 ransom a day

And Zen Dad was it. Though, I think toward the end, he was coming on to me. Gil isn’t into that.

[21:55:11] Gilbert Hamilton > I will blue the container
[21:55:14] Gilbert Hamilton > For 100k isk.
[21:55:35] Zen Dad > thanks – im working on my website and not looking at the screen…
[21:55:56] Zen Dad > gilbert thats naughty
[21:55:58] Gilbert Hamilton > looking at it enough to jetcan. it’s ok, happens to all of us. 100k. there are about .1M in there now.
[21:56:05] Gilbert Hamilton > about 600k worth of mats, to be honest.
[21:56:28] Zen Dad > i get 1.8mill from a full trip.
[21:56:39] Gilbert Hamilton > that’s cool, I could ask for 250k. No worries.
[21:56:48] Zen Dad > so how do i send money
[21:56:57] Gilbert Hamilton > right click my name, then click “send money”
[21:57:11] Gilbert Hamilton > rather, sorry, “give money”
[21:57:16] Zen Dad > id really like to wrap something else up and send i t :-))
[21:57:22] Zen Dad > but here we go
[21:57:24] Gilbert Hamilton > I’m not into penis, that much.
[21:58:38] Gilbert Hamilton > Fly safe, and next time if you need to acquire license to jettison ore into an unsecure can, just let me know.


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