Look at all that blue

I did some general logistical work this weekend. The planets I am extracting from, with proper sell orders, net me about 3 million in a week’s time. It’s not much, but it buys a new spellbook or two, for some ISK generation I can kind of “forget about”. I am learning to set the extraction timers to 30 mins or 5 hours depending on that day’s play style. When I’m not going to play, I’ll set them to 23 hours.

At one point of the day I was hauling the extracted planet goodies back to Dodixie to sell. I went afk, as I usually do while not in war o low-sec. I returned to my desktop and noticed a lot of concord presence around a stargate. They had just blown to bits four battleships, and some other ships were already starting to salvage. I was in my Ity Mk III and able to ride there at about 200m/sec. Maybe a bit more.

Eventually I made it to the wrecks and noticed they were all blue. Someone had decided, before podding away, to abandon them. Guess they knew they’d never return for them, or whatever. I missed the actual fight. Maybe it was a suicide gank. Either way, the loot was mine and all told, I think it was roughly 10 million in loot.

Combined with my sales orders for the planetary goods, I had a profitable weekend.

Tonight, I am going to head back to the Everyshore region and see if I can get some kills via can flipping or the usual ninja loot methods.


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