Haven’t been doing much stealing lately – this weekend contained about 15 Mil in salvage/loot. I spent most of it on skill books, though – for both gunnery and spaceship command. I’ve been logging in to manage my planets, too; that makes a good few million a week so far. Learning the intricacies of the market is interesting though. Two of my items sold right away, with a day. The third item, I had to juggle the price down to 10 above the nearest buy order because the other guy kept sniping down 1 isk at a time below me.

I plan on ganking a lot more ISK this weekend. I still want a “reserve” PLEX just in case money gets tight, in real life. Oh, I did some investment, too.

For now, I leave you with this: (not mine. I’m not this creative!)


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