Bring More Ammo

Lesson learned: When you don’t know what resists you’re up against – bring a LOT of ammo.

I went to Agrallarier last night and scanned down three mission runners.  The first one, however, was all it took to make my night interesting.  He was in a hyperion, and shot at me pretty soon after I stole from him.

I returned in a rifter, and started shooting him.  His shield wasn’t going; or really was going down very slow.  I kept switching ammo types in both the projectiles and in the rocket launcher.

I was able to gather a 1 Million ISK bounty out of him.  I asked for 10, he gave me 1.  I kept shooting.

Eventually, another non-allied (though possibly friendly) person showed up.  He shot up the ship enough to get the mission runner to eject and then stole the hyperion.  If I could have flown it, I would have done the same, leaving my rifter there in space.



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