Grumbles and Fun

It’s been a busy busy real-life week or two.  In terms of EVE, however, my super sekret corp infiltration alt has successfully stolen a bunch of stuff from his first corporation.  The amount is only about 130 Mil, but the tears it’s gathered in the corporation have been plenty.

  • People leaving because they are upset.
  • People accusing others with harm because they are “thieves”
  • Corporation leaving its current alliance.

I decided to make the YOINK as soon as a nonrelated wardec had gone live, causing plenty of confusion.  They were stating in corp chat that “we were safe, we have a WH POS that nobody knows about.”  Well, that’s where I got the bulk of the stolen goods from.   What I couldn’t steal, I jettisoned into space.

I then took all the known scanning ships and self destructed them in front of the hangar array.  Why they never right-clicked the ship and saw that I owned all those wrecks is beyond me.

Then, I sent a “Thank you from Suddenly Ninjas” email from this character to a bunch of members of that corp.  Right after, I took the alt and applied to join another corp I was told I had an “instant access” pass for.

Logging in to eve-gate this morning shows no replies on Gilbert to the email, but the alt has been moved to the new corp.  I’ll fleece this one, and maybe reapply at the just raped one, and see if they’ll let me in again without an API key.  (That’s my goal – to see how many let me in without the API checks…)

Good times.


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