Poor Militants

I was floating around Agral this morning, for an early attempt at gathering tears.  I was successful to some extent, from a pod pilot named “Mr Silvergold”. Which, apparently means he’s a little bit confused as to what type of semi-precious metal he belongs to. No worries.

I had entered his mission when he was in room number two. Ever so politely, he opened a chat communication and told me that he would blue all the wrecks for me. Nice man, Mr Silvergold. I pretended to care, warped off to a safe spot and dumped the cargo.

I tend to do that between mission bookmarks; find a spot between two, bookmark it, and then go back and jet-can my loot. Usually only do it when I don’t care. I never hang out there and the odds of something scanning me down are slim. Anyway, back to the story.

I returned in about 10 minutes, after stealing 400k of loot from the second dominix. (Silvergold was a domi as well.) He was in room number three and I quickly arrived and started stealing loot. He blued them again, and then opened the following chat log. Right after the first line, I realized I should steal the mission objective from him.

[12:48:09] Mr Silvergold > ill need that cargo from transport ships
[12:48:20] Gilbert Hamilton > excuse me?
[12:48:35] Gilbert Hamilton > the militants?
[12:48:48] Mr Silvergold > yes
[12:48:53] Gilbert Hamilton > you can have them back for 5 mil.
[12:51:16] Gilbert Hamilton > no deal? 3 mil. i’ll jet em now.
[12:52:13] Gilbert Hamilton > your loss. sorry, sir.
[12:52:14] Mr Silvergold > why pay you 3 million you greedy
[12:52:25] Gilbert Hamilton > oh, sorry you were there just busy.
[12:52:34] Gilbert Hamilton > Because I have them. Don’t you need them? They were hungry.
[12:52:42] Gilbert Hamilton > SO I fed them and gave them women.
[12:53:00] Mr Silvergold > my agent only gives 2 million for them so why pay you 3?
[12:53:45] Gilbert Hamilton > ok, so then transfer 1 mil to my acct and I’ll jet them out at the station.
[12:53:50] Gilbert Hamilton > (I’m bcak by station now anyway)
[12:53:52] Gilbert Hamilton > *back
[12:54:52] Mr Silvergold > i give you the wrecks and loot and you want more?
[12:55:13] Gilbert Hamilton > yes. I was doing my job.
[12:55:40] Gilbert Hamilton > ok, do you want them back? give me a few minutes.
[12:55:43] Gilbert Hamilton > session change timers.
[12:55:47] Mr Silvergold > nvm but you better watch your back from now on :)
[12:55:52] Gilbert Hamilton > deal.

So, I had them and knew he was a little bit pissed. It got better as he was trying to bait me into trying to fight him with my salvage boat, apparently.

[13:01:05] Mr Silvergold > wich station are you at ill pay
[13:01:19] Gilbert Hamilton > the only station here in system. send money first. 1.5 million.
[13:01:37] Gilbert Hamilton > be quick about it, I have breakfast soon. (east coast, usa.)
[13:02:39] Mr Silvergold > drop them first
[13:02:50] Mr Silvergold > ill pay your the one not to be trusted

Note: I’m no longer red to him, right about here.

[13:03:09] Gilbert Hamilton > sorry, that’s teh deal.
[13:03:20] Gilbert Hamilton > got about 30 seconds, maybe a minute.
[13:03:23] Mr Silvergold > you just say you want more
[13:03:31] Gilbert Hamilton > you told me to watch my back.
[13:03:36] Gilbert Hamilton > take that back and i’ll go 1 mil.
[13:04:11] Mr Silvergold > just come out station and ill take it back
[13:04:25] Gilbert Hamilton > aww did you get a bigger ship?
[13:04:53] Mr Silvergold > a bigger ship for your little ship that would be useless
[13:05:39] Mr Silvergold > come out i wont hurt you
[13:06:36] Gilbert Hamilton > omw
[13:06:48] Mr Silvergold > besides my domi is the biggest tank i have
[13:07:19] Gilbert Hamilton > i’m there.
[13:07:38] Mr Silvergold > i know im here to
[13:08:50] Mr Silvergold > thats right you better hide :)
[13:09:03] Gilbert Hamilton > undocking with your militants, douche. ;)
[13:09:20] Mr Silvergold > you think i dont have militants ?
[13:09:32] Mr Silvergold > i already finished the mission :P
[13:10:05] Gilbert Hamilton > shoot away. ;)
[13:10:29] Gilbert Hamilton > welp, too bad.
[13:10:32] Gilbert Hamilton > gl out there.
[13:10:35] Mr Silvergold > i will come for you when you wont expect it :)
[13:10:45] Gilbert Hamilton > yes, free wardecs! thanks.
[13:10:48] Gilbert Hamilton > will send your ceo a bill.
[13:10:52] Gilbert Hamilton > fly safe and smart.
[13:10:59] Mr Silvergold > i am the ceo

Tonight, I’m going to toy with his corporation a little bit… maybe send him a bill for my efforts. Those are always a good way of getting “extra” tears.


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