Grinding. Teeth? EVE? Both?

Does EVE have a grind?” is the title of the latest question over at Ecliptic Rift.  I like that post, a lot.  Because it sums up just about everything I enjoy about EVE compared to other games.  Especially compared to World of Warcraft. (Something four of my family members play, near daily.)

I quickly realized that most MMO games are all grind-xp-ding-grind-repeat games and first remember recognizing this when I was hunting down the Journeyman’s Boots in Everquest 1.  Those damn things pissed me off.  I still kept playing, but I distinctly remember switching to the “no-rules” pvp server and I quickly enjoyed the game again.  (I had an enchanter, would make myself look like a coin or dagger (ie small) and then go around firebombing all I could.)

Grinding in EVE is different, it is by choice.  In that, nearly the instant you finish gelling together as your first “clone” – you can do nothing, everything, or nearly everything.  The closest I’ve come to grinding in EVE is by doing one of the first epic mission arcs; something for the Sisters, I do believe.  I realized that I could grind more if I wanted to spend cash and loyalty points for phat-lewtz.

Instead I went pseudo pirate (hi-sec) and then joined a corporation.  In that corporation, we have someone who is already high on the LP side of things, and that is what that person enjoys doing, so I buy things from the LP store through them.  Done.

I would also posit that the lack of a “forced” grind in some aspects is also a pain for the newer EVE players.  They are used to seeing something do “ding” and yes, skill queues and certificates do that, but I remember early on in this blog I had one problem:  planning what I was going to do next.  With so much to do, where do I start?  One of the biggest links on my “tag cloud” is of course, “Planning“.

This is where the community comes in.  Largely in part to the link gathering of one Crazy Kinux, and the other blogs, too.  Reading other blogs helped me to understand what others did, when they did it, and how they did it.

I still think that having some form of “geek EVE code” and/or achievement/badging system would be cool – if only external.   It is an idea I’m toying around with, API wise, and imagination wise.  If someone were missing the “grind” they could always tinker with that.  ie:  a badge for killing every other frigate with a navitas, etc.


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