So, command centers…

Only one on a planet.  I can understand that, from a “role-play/fiction” standpoint I suppose.  But not being able to upgrade one is retarded.  I trashed the layout I had, upgraded the command center, and reinstalled everything.

Extractors->Storage->Processing->Storage and once the first processing is done: Storage->Command Center for launch.


I have to look into the potential for stealing from the jettisoned command center cans …


2 responses to “So, command centers…

  1. As far as stealing from the planetary launch containers, it’s simple enough but time consuming as there’s no way to locate them other than dscan and hitting your MWD. In terms of lulz, it’s worth doing once or twice, but in terms of isk/hour it’s just not worth it.

    You locate a launch container on dscan, narrow it down, and slowboat in that direction correcting course as necessary. If I were to do it again, I’d use an Interceptor and come back with a hauler if there was enough loot that I couldnt carry it in the Inty.

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking – if it ever got “popular” (PI that is), you could narrow them down and then just gank for lulz. Certainly not ganking for ISK/hour.

      Though I *need* to focus on ISK/hour lately, I’m trying to see how close I can get to a PLEX in a reasonable fashion.

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