Playing Garbageman

This evening, I spent most of my time shuffling things around.  I need to focus on ISK for a little while, and thusly I know that I can gather most of my money around the Dodixie/Agral areas, and the Rens/Lustrevik areas.  So tonight, I repackaged a whole boatload of ships that didn’t have rigs and started podding myself over to them and moving them around.  One of these days, I will have a larger cargo ship to make one or less trips, but right now it’s just fine.

I’ve left ships in what I call “homes” around Dodixie and Lustrevik.  There is some stuff in Ammold, too.

Actually, last night I toyed with some planetary interaction.  Having seen other bloggers doing that thing, I figured I would try and see what happens.  Right now, I have two extractors sending R0 materials to a processor making Oxygen.  Do I plan on making money with this?  Probably not, but what’s to say I can’t let a cargo hold fill up on a planet and once in a while pick the stuff up and sell it?


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