Event in Odatrik

Soon after I finished lugging around a bunch of skill books, items, and things to sell, I received word that there was an event happening in Odatrik.  It was said that it attracted a lot of role-players.  Which is fine, the more time they spend typing the less time they have to see that I’m red to them.

We warped to our fleet leader and started warping to the scene and looting, salvaging, and whatnot; only to warp back to an orca and dump all of our loot there.  (To be sold and spread out among members in the area that night, I think.)

I only lost my ship, once. I returned, hit up the Orca for more fittings I was missing, and then went back into the mix of things.  I chased down the action from planet to planet, and made a bookmark or two, but it died off pretty quick.

Still, since I don’t often get into fleet action like this, it was a nice change of pace.  I took a couple of screenshots, too.


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