I guess I am an asshole…

A mission runner in Lustrevik asked for some help, and I happily said I would.  I joined the fleet, warped to his mission, bookmarked it, and left the fleet.  He was a little confused, however did nothing when I started looting his wrecks.  Soon he was warping away, back to the same station as me, to dock up.  My Slasher happily jettisoned his cargo and labeled the can “Your loot from the last rats.” (It was even in my cache, that phrase, so apparently I use that phrase often… ;)

I spent a bit of time running around, fitting up my Rifter, and hoping he would take the bait.  He did.  This was good, because I was using tonight’s mission runners as fodder for my first fit Rifter that I considered worthy of trying PVP with.    Actually, I got the fitting ideas from Rifter Drifer’s guide, here.  I had to scale it down a bit, because I can’t fit T2 autocannons, but it worked ok.

Glancing down at the listing in local, I noticed that he was red to me.  Not sure of how long he’d last, I warped back to his mission and extended aggro; he was not there anyway.  I started d-scanning stations, chasing him down a bit, and eventually he returned to his mission.  Of course my entry scared him right off.

Betting on him not using the d-scan, I warped away and then back again, to wait at the warp-in spot.  He returned a few minutes later, and he went boom.  The fight itself went well, though I was taken down into 1/3rd shields.  (It’s armor tanked, passively, though.)  It was good practice  in that method of keeping transversal velocity high, so he couldn’t hit me.  Though all we really did was loop around each other at close range.

I got called an asshole at the very end.  I guess, in a way, I am.  But I still had fun.  He logged a few minutes later.   His wreck, contained thousands of ammo for guns I will probably volley toward the next MR in Lustrevik.


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