Scanning Methods

Just read a post (there are many out there) about scanning with seven probes.  (Read it over on: Ecliptic Rift)  I find it interesting and it somewhat makes me feel happy to realize that I’ve been scanning with seven probes for as long as I’ve been scanning. Seven probes seems, based on all that I’ve found, to be the best method.  What I’ve tried so far is:

  • Seven Probes – Works well.  Reposition all probes with shift+click/drag.  Worse case: You have many at the ready to shrink down to 0.5AU and reposition over a mark.
  • Five Probes – Didn’t work so well.  It worked sometimes, but involved finding a mark, reordering individual probes and that always seems to have one probe “sneak” up or down off the solar plane; to be realized only after one clicked “analyze”.
  • Three Probes – Didn’t work on smaller ships where one needed the extra electronics and skill points to narrow down on a mark.

In short, and really, I think ship scanning has been one of the most fun things I’ve found worth doing in EVE.  Being that it’s “geeky” and that it  also takes an interesting bit of skill and thought.  A lot of my skill points have been allocated to scanning/astrometrics. One of the little tricks I’ve come across is that I leave my probes floating in space when I get a few marks to check, only when I know I’m going to be online for a while and if I’m not focused on PVP.

What methods work best for you?   What are some tips and tricks you’ve discovered?

I need a Sisters probe launcher.


3 responses to “Scanning Methods

  1. skippermonkey

    The 5 probe system is the best.

    Centre probe with the other 4 probes at north, south, east and west positions all on the same horizontal plane.

    The centre probe should be at a scan distance of one tier lower then the outside probes, so that all four of the outside probes contain the centre probe within their individual scan limits, this means anything within the centre probe gets a hit on all 5 probes.

    The outside probes should be as far out as possible while still keeping the centre probe within its own boundary.

    I use inside probe at 4AU and outside at 8AU, place the formation where you most likely expect your ships to be, (like the cente of the system, or around a planet, or near a gate), then when you get a yellow hit, centre the formation on the hit you want and lower the centre probe to scan at 1AU, depending on the target, you should almost always get a 100% hit.

    At times when the ship has a really small sig and is hard to scan down, you may need to resize your outside probes as well, (and then reposition) to facilitate the 100%.

    The reason for not wanting to resize the outside probes when possible is that it wastes time having to do so.

    Congratulations, you have now learnt how to scan like a ninja. Happy hunting

  2. skippermonkey

    oh, and while sisters launchers and probes are nice, by no way do you NEED them to scan efefctively.
    I dont use them

    • Gilbert Hamilton

      Great advice! I’ll try your “contain the 5th” method tonight. Oh, and I only use Sisters stuff simply for speed/ease when I’m hunting mission runners for ISKies. When we’re in a wardec or anything where I’d likely lose my ship, I just go with plain jane stuff.

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