Change of scenery

Last night I lost my vigil due to a lapse in attention.  No biggie, the 8k insurance payout really helped.  That said, I figured I was sick of the Dodixie area, and sick of Everyshore too.  Can flipping can be fun there, around Atlanins and a corp I was in with my first character is based out of there. (In fact, I still get emails on that “alt” begging me to join another spinoff corp.  Wonder sometimes about infiltration, actually, but then I feel “respect” for that first eve corp of mine.)

So I stripped a Rifter I had fit for salvage (with the intent that it could tank a bit more than the vigil) and stuffed the modules into my T2 scanner.   Off the 10 jumps to Lustrevik I went.  I scanned down two hits right away, and went out and purchased another small minmatar frigate (not a vigil, just forgot the name).  I named her “Pod Six is Jerks.”

The garbage collection of salvage modules went well; I wasn’t in the mood to steal loot yet, having just arrived.  I think tonight I’m going to shuttle or pod it back to “home” and get my Brutix and bring that to Lust. for backup.  DOTLAN says the stats for the region I am in aren’t as “good” in terms of NPC kills as Dodixie’s, but it’s new, fresh, and in an area I’ve never been.  Plus, the wrecks are Angel, I believe.  10 jumps isn’t too far away if something corp-wise happens, too.

One of these days, though, I need to take an Iteron and go from station to station, grabbing all the shit I have leftover and then selling it all.  I hate messy cargoholds.

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