Changing it up a bit.

Since losing the Myrm, I realized I should try tinkering with something a little less full of drones, and more full of whatever damage bonus I can get.  Enter the Brutix; the thing looks like an ugly face that just ate a lemon.  So, pretty much, my face.

I’ve got her fit with blasters and antimatter ammo, along with the usual “stop the MR from running” crap.  I’m back in Harerget looking for a MR or two to try her out on, before I worry about bigger and badder fish.

Though, my focus needs, well, focus.  Right now I’m training up some weaponry (hybrid turrets) and I think I need to focus.  Because right after that I get back into more scanning skills; and then back into drones, and gunnery.  I’m going to focus on gunnery and then drones up to Hobgoblin II and then get back to scanning skill ups.  (That said, just finishing Rangefinding IV was a nice bonus.)  I think in the queue right now is Small Hybrid Turret up to V.

Once I can get a stable base of drones laid out there, I can focus on my next ship-fitting-skillset, and that is something to snipe with.


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