Lost the Myrmidon

I lost my Myrmidon today, due to some interesting factors.  Mostly stupid ones, really. Though, I can’t really call them stupid – as I was having fun while doing it.  My insurance payout was about 26Mil, and it will be enough to cover that or the Brutix I replace it with. (Going between Brut and Myrm, trying to decide if the Brut drone setup will work well enough to justify the hybrid damage bonus.)

I warped into the mission, with my slasher, and stole a bunch of things.  Was able to warp out in time, and return with the Myrm. (Though that was the third slasher of the day, to be honest)  He was just warping out.  He returned to the mission, at 100km, in a Drake.  I warped off, and returned, too, at 100km.  He was gone.

Returning to my Dodixie Moon 20 safe spot, I saw him at the station.  I warped to zero at the station, and started firing.  It was getting me nowhere.  I thought he had backup, but according to the mail he did not. (remote rep, maybe.)

So I turned off the weaponry, and started spamming the dock button.  No go, and I was gone before I could dock. (Though as I was in my last bit of life, I was pretty sure I would have docked.)

I mailed the killer, and we had a nice fun exchange.  No tears, all “good fight” stuff; what one would expect, really.

A little bummed, but not too upset, I returned to space in my Slasher and decided to head back to a bookmark I knew was ripe with more wrecks.

When I arrived, the Dominix there targeted me and sat on the yellow box.  I didn’t steal a thing.  Just salvaged.  Eventually I was outside his range, and the target dropped.  I returned to his range, and he hit me up again with a target.  Then sent his drones onto me.  Then I warped off, just as CONCORD was asploding his ship.

My theory is that he was too caught up in the ongoing mission and misclicked.  His character was from 2008 though always in the NPC corp.

I returned, looted his wreck, and salvaged it, while dodging NPC rat fire.  Made off with five Hobgoblin IIs and a bunch of other crap.  Most of his wreck was ammo, I left it.  Salvage stunk too.  Though making an easy 2+Mil on a stupid MR was fun.

Also, to be noted, was that the MR logged almost instantly after that. ;)


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