Darn those ransoms…

[02:55:49] Thran Hellbringer > think i’ll just call a gm

[02:56:52] Gilbert Hamilton > Please, do mention my fee.  If you wish, you an speak to my corporation’s CEO, Aiden Mourn, at Suddenly Ninjas.

[02:55:49] Thran Hellbringer >not interested

[02:58:05] Gilbert Hamilton > If you do submit a petition in my honor, please let me know – I am keeping a record.

A few minutes later, I receive this evemail:

mr ninja
From: Thran Hellbringer
Sent: 2010.07.17 03:07
To: Gilbert Hamilton,

gm sent me the item, thanks for the offer, though. Enjoy your life pretending to be a ninja.

Aww too bad he probably had to lie to get the item back.  I’m going to head out there again and see if I can find him again in that stupid mega of his.


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