Good old Data Cores

Stole, honestly stole, two Dr. Castille’s Data Cores from mission runners tonight.  They were from newer players, of course, and that’s just what I’m “doing” these days in the Everyshore region.  Call me evil, whatever, I don’t care.  When I return from vacation, I will venture out into bigger fights but right now, I need the lazy.

The first mission runner responded to my ransom request for the paltry sum of 100,000 ISK with a “sounds like a deal” message.  It is a deal and I just found it cool that I got my first ransom to honor or dishonor.

I honored it, and he seemed to be another happy customer.

Unlike s1l3ntw, below.

[01:58:05] s1l3ntw > howdy
[01:58:12] Gilbert Hamilton > Evening, sir.
[01:58:22] Gilbert Hamilton > I am informing you that your mission objective, the data core, is in my hangar at this time.
[01:58:31] s1l3ntw > ok?
[01:58:42] Gilbert Hamilton > Do you wish it returned to you so you can complete the mission?
[01:58:49] s1l3ntw > yes please
[01:59:19] Gilbert Hamilton > Please send to my wallet (right click my name, click send money) and then send the sum of 150,000 ISK and I will contract you the item.
[01:59:27] Gilbert Hamilton > (within a couple of minutes, it is in my hangar and I am here.)
[01:59:50] s1l3ntw > lol… no
[01:59:58] Gilbert Hamilton > your choice.  fly safe.
[01:59:59] Gilbert Hamilton > o/
[02:00:09] s1l3ntw > sorry i dont do the blackmail thing
[02:00:26] Gilbert Hamilton > it’s not blackmail, unless you’ve done something wrong.
[02:00:28] Gilbert Hamilton > you haven’t have you?!
[02:00:51] Gilbert Hamilton > it is called ransom, however, that is the word I believe you were looking for.
[02:01:00] s1l3ntw > ransom, blackmail… eh
[02:01:04] s1l3ntw > either way, pretty low
[02:01:11] Gilbert Hamilton > business is business, my friend.
[02:01:26] Gilbert Hamilton > you have, what, a few hours or so to finish your mission?
[02:01:43] Gilbert Hamilton > You can buy one on contract for this price:  <b><url=contract:30003017//30082619>Dr. Castille’s Data Core (Property of CreoDron)</url></b>
[02:01:50] Gilbert Hamilton > or send me the sum I mentioned earlier.  Your choice.
[02:01:55] s1l3ntw > thats not business… friend, that is following an obviously lower level player, stealing their mission item, then ransoming them
[02:02:08] s1l3ntw > personally… id rather pay a larger fee than encourage what your doing :)
[02:02:12] Gilbert Hamilton > Welcome to EVE, lower level player.  We all make money somehow.
[02:02:22] Gilbert Hamilton > Well there is another contract out there:  <b><url=contract:30003017//30172009>Dr. Castille’s Data Core (Property of CreoDron)</url></b>
[02:02:23] Gilbert Hamilton > ;)
[02:02:32] s1l3ntw > some of us the honest way, good day
[02:02:40] Gilbert Hamilton > I honor my ransoms.
[02:02:53] s1l3ntw > isnt that a bit of an oxymoron?
[02:03:00] Gilbert Hamilton > no.  not really.
[02:03:18] Gilbert Hamilton > I stole it from you, you could have shot me, and then I choose to sell it back.
[02:03:26] Gilbert Hamilton > My promise is that I will contract it to you for that sum mentioned.
[02:03:52] s1l3ntw > and im not silly enough to go firing away at you, get CONCORD on me, then give you the right to shoot me down and take EVERYTHING else i have… no sir
[02:04:01] Gilbert Hamilton > was I red to you?  colored red?
[02:04:05] Gilbert Hamilton > (you are new, you may not know.)
[02:04:19] s1l3ntw > yes.
[02:04:21] s1l3ntw > you were res
[02:04:22] s1l3ntw > red*
[02:04:27] Gilbert Hamilton > for the record – red = shootable.
[02:04:36] Gilbert Hamilton > (only when the entire area is, not just a little red skull)
[02:05:17] Gilbert Hamilton > If you need reference of my honesty, send a note to  <b><url=showinfo:1385//1756417819>Magnus Zen</url></b>
[02:06:01] s1l3ntw > i have no need to reference anything… i will not partake in this, and if i have to fail a mission… oh well
[02:06:13] Gilbert Hamilton > then good day and good luck.

I am such a douche, I suppose.  Noticed I upped the price to 150k?  I should have lowered it to 1.0 just to piss him off.  The second contract I linked?  Was mine from yesterday for another data core…

The note from the happy customer follows:

Re: Contract Incoming
From: Magnus Zen
Sent: 2010.07.08 01:57
To: Gilbert Hamilton,

Even though thou you were salvaging my wrecks, at leat you seem to be a reaonable gentlemen and not a scumbag pirate. I salute you.

Contract Incoming
From: Gilbert Hamilton
Sent: 2010.07.08 01:54
To: Magnus Zen,

I will file the contract to you for the item, when I return to station. (Within a few minutes.)

Thank you for your business with Suddenly Ninjas.



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