Not H or anything odd like that.  Though, sitting in a capsule, covered in goo, one has to wonder how they don’t end up with a motley selection of decubitus ulcers.

Anyway, come Thursday, I will be away and probably offline for a good week.  Into my training queue goes something nice, like Drones V or Small Hybrid V.  That is one feature of EVE that I really enjoy – you can step away, either by choice or force, and still know your game is progressing.

This weekend, I fit up a Rifter and my corp-mates told me, right away, it was a fail fit.  I had forgotten: the Rifter gives a bonus to projectile weaponry.  Good times.  So, with that repaired, and at my current limitation of T1 gunnery only – It’s in Harerg. waiting for a newbie to try it on.


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