Caracal Down

Warping into the second bookmark of the night, led to this kill on a Caracal.  I suppose there are no tears to gather, except in that as soon as I was red to him, he added me to his block list; he wouldn’t respond to my attempts at selling him back his mission objective.  And then at my attempts at “giving” it back to him.

I returned in my Myrmidon and he was gone.  I warped off to the second station in the system and set a bookmark on the way there, so I could go back to that mark and spam d-scan to see if I would see him return.  As I came out of warp, I saw him there undocking.  I was a bit worried, as this character was created in 2005 and I figured something had to be up for him to be in the newbie area of Harerget.  I was unable to stop  him at the station, and he warped off in the direction of his mission.

Turning radius on the Myrm is a bit soft, but I eventually warped to zero to his mission.  Figuring on losing this ship to a surprise refit or something while he was in the station.

I warped in on him at about 2km away from me.  Perfect for my guns and drones.  He was already attacking the rats, and they had him down most of the way anyway.  I think his warp off / return was just to try and screw with me a bit.  Shake off those darn ninjas.

He died pretty fast.  Only 11 Mil ISK lost.


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