No Fat Chicks

While quickly roaming around Agral in the Dodixie area, I picked up a Damsel.  The mission runner wasn’t too happy, and didn’t shoot right away.  When I dropped her off at station, and returned he then started to fire.  That was also the time I started to ransom her.

[12:59:08] Gilbert Hamilton > need the cleaning crew?
[12:59:18] Montimort > need the damsel
[12:59:22] Gilbert Hamilton > 2 mil
[12:59:33] Montimort > haha
[12:59:50] Gilbert Hamilton > just business.
[13:00:03] Gilbert Hamilton > if you change your mind, I’ll be back with her.
[13:00:10] Montimort > you0re a stealer that’s no business
[13:00:23] Gilbert Hamilton > um, no, that _is_ my business, but hey. different strokes, no?
[13:01:55] Gilbert Hamilton > welp, since the fat woman is taking up space – donate what you feel appropriate, and if I agree to it, she’s yours. (will have to run back and get her she’s in a safe spot now. expires in about an hour.)
[13:03:43] Gilbert Hamilton > now that wasn’t nice, was it?
[13:07:03] Montimort > i tried to give you what you deserve, failed.. well i tried at least. as fotrmy donation, forget it
[13:07:22] Gilbert Hamilton > no problem, to the market she goes.
[13:07:27] Gilbert Hamilton > fly safe, loot fast.
[13:07:49] Montimort > i will.. well that’s what makes one experienced over time

Well, he didn’t pay – but I did manage to head 16 jumps away into Amarr space, on a contract, and sell her for 5Mil.  Which wasn’t bad for a Saturday morning (EST) coffee-cup-in-hand before breakfast run.


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