Fast Rifter

I think I’m going to skill up for the Rifter – and I know just about everyone uses one of these, but I just came to realize how freaking cheap it is.  I’m not big into T2 weaponry, and I really should be focusing more toward T2 support items, and maybe even weapons, but right now I just like the part of EVE where I buy something shiney and then go figure out how to get my ass kicked in it.

However, this week, I’ve got this knee problem that’s making me take some stuff that will keep me down for a few days.  I’ll be on, but right now I’m exhausted.  Which sucks.  Though I doubt I’ll really be “offline”, just to bed early.

Right now, I’m going to make one scan for mission runners in Agral and then see if I can get any shots fired across the void.

I think I would like to see Amarr space, and some other regions.  Planning-wise, next week I have a nice football camp to attend with my son, so I’ll have a longer skill in the queue for that five or six days, but after, I think I’m packing up the Myrm and going for a drive.

Thoughts on where?  EVE Travel has given me some inspiration in the past, maybe I will spend some time at work (shh) looking around at locations to put onto the itinerary.


One response to “Fast Rifter

  1. If you find anything that I haven’t talked about and you think deserves mentioning, please let me know!

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